The Gift of Life Seed


We  believe that seed in ones diet is one of the most important components of ones dietary regimen.  The mere preservation abilities of seed buried in the ground for a 100 years  or more reflects Mother natures importance placed on the viability of seed.  Yes it has been discovered that seed buried deep enough for 100 years when brought up to the top of the ground will sprout and thrive and this is simply amazing to me.  The minerals, the anti-oxidants, enzymes etc. encapsulated in seed with its magical synergy is astounding.


Lets start with a list of seed we indulge in  every day and you may be surprised at various foods with powerful seed qualities.

Nuts, Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil and Pecan are our favorites as nuts are essentially seeds and designed to propagate and just importantly to be shared with animal life in regard to their Gift of Life blessings.  Go easy on nuts intake as they are high in calories although the fat in them is good fat.

Seed, Pumpkin seed about 100 a day,  loaded with zinc by the way and our recommendation before and during the flu season, rather than depend on the processed zinc (possibly inert) inserted in the cold and flu over the counter medications.  in addition it has been believed for centuries that pumpkin seed have a positive role in prostate issues and I personally can attest to that as my prostate issues have disappeared soon after I started my pumpkin seed intake and that was 50 years ago.

In our seed list we use Chia, Sesame, Golden Flax, Brown Flax along with mung beans that we sprout and use in our daily smoothie.  The seed we grind up fresh every morning and  apply it in our morning cereal meal.  It is critical to use in a matter of minutes freshly ground seed (two tablespoons each) before it starts the oxidization process.  We use a Proctor Silex coffee bean grinder to do the job as we purchase our seed from (We purchase our flax seed at Whole Foods) and mix them all up by hand in a large grocery bag, store the mix in handy containers stored in the refridge.  For our afternoon smoothie we use a high speed blender and use a smattering of each, Nuts and Seeds above.  We believe that the high speed blender and liquid in the mix soften up the tiny seeds and make their magic readily available in the digestive process and eventual transfer into the blood network.

Now for the biggest surprises regarding at least for me was the seed content in fruits and vegetables.  

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and even Blueberries are loaded with seed.  The nutritionists when promoting fruits and vegetables fail to bring out the fact that the magic of the seeds in these foods is one of the most significant components along with the fiber and nutrients in the shells, flesh and skins of these precious foods.   Most vegetables have a seed component.  You can't help to observes them in the cruciferous varieties.  Don't leave out string beans.  All you have to do is carefully slice a string bean in half and walla there sits the seeds.

Tomatoes the daddy of them all.

Tomatoes have always been a superstar in medical circles and one of the reasons we use them everyday.  In fact we favor the grape tomato because first they are sweet and have excellent flavor.  If you look close to the tomato image to your right you can't miss the array of seeds within the flesh and in the process create a dynamic food loaded with anti-oxidants, minerals and enzymes.  Now how significant the seeds role is in its benefits versus the flesh and skin of the food I am not sure.   I have a suspicion they work in a synergy as all seed does in the transfer process.


Our daily regimen of fruit, nuts and seed includes, morning with seed, nuts and fruit in our cereal.  Lunch includes nuts, seed and fruit with our daily intake of sardines and it is worth mentioning that the synergy of the nuts, fruit and seed work in  tandem with the components of our lunch meal, fruits and vegetables along with a dish of Yogurt.  It is difficult for anyone to analyze the synergy benefits between foods with high nutrient value, but chemistry is complicated especially how it relates to the human body.  Make no mistake about it synergy one way or another is always enhanced when meals are designed to include a variable mix.  Natural foods possess the synergy that makes things work.

My favorite seed and source of super nutrition is baked potatoes and the Sweet potato is our favorite.  I am sure most of our readers are aware of the seed properties in the skin of potatoes.  Large farmers have machines that slice up potatoes for planting,  home gardeners take potatoes and carefully slice them leaving an "Eye" or two and plant them on each slice.    The eye is of course the seed and when you ingest the skin of a potato you are ingesting one of the most potent seed sources known to man.  

Now we are very conscious of the fact that the pulp of a sweet potato especially if eaten regularly as we do to the tune of 4 to 5 a week at our supper meal.  Of course the pulp of potatoes are loaded with sugar and starch.  We compensate for this issue by scooping out about 75% of the pulp and disposing of it.  This could be considered wasteful but it is acceptable, as leaving a generous amount of pulp clinging to the inside of the skin where we are told resides the majority of the nutrients is again worth the effort.  It   allows us to partake in the amount of nutrients the Potato provides.  Incidentally one of the major sources of Potassium is in the skin of a potato  one of the key components in the delicate Potassium/sodium balance.