Animal Recovery and the Ultimate Entrepreneur


I thought the below flyer I received on my front door recently was worth  putting  on our website for recording  history purposes.   It is just too good of a human nature story to lose.    You know that I am not in the habit of sending you or anyone foolish waste of time material, but this one here is a classic of what we call Ultimate Entrepreneurship.  When I showed it to a friend this morning he said when he viewed the pricing schedule that he was out of business before he started.  At least you can chalk this animal recoverer up to "Chutzpa"


In these days of unemployment and folks seeking out new ways to make a living this young man  (I say young man based on him applying the dollar signs ahead of the prices versus at the start)  who tied the below to my door obviously feels that he has a service to render and wants to get paid mightily for it,  as you will see in the price listings.  450 bucks for animal removal is nothing to sneeze at. 


Take note of what he refers to as "setup fees".  I assume setup fees are placing a trap of sorts (I am assuming they are "Have a heart traps")



Here it is...... The Flyer                     



                            Wildlife Removal


                                        New Years Special


                   .  Iguanas   100$ setup    75$ per animal


                   .  Raccoon  100$ setup    50$ per animal


                   .  Opossum 100$ setup    50$ per animal


                   .  Rodents   100$ setup    20$ per animal


                    . Snake      50$  setup    50$ service call 20$ per animal


                    . Pigeon    100$ setup   10$ per animal


All prices are for up too two weeks of trapping unless specified in the terms.


My Note:  I assume that after two weeks if there is no activity he pulls his trap and pockets the setup fee.  100 bucks to drop a cage off collect the service fee and pick up the trap.  That's not bad.


Flat rate animal removal is also available starting at 450$ for two weeks.


If interested please call Robby @954-826-7264


Here is the kicker.  3 years ago I noticed my newly planted annuals being up ended in the garden, like 40 to 50 at a time.  They didn't destroy the plants just popped them out of the ground.  I got tired of replanting them everyday and went to Home Depot and picked up a Hava a heart trap.  It is just a cage that snaps shut when they take the bait off of a trigger.  I put a nice fat sardine on the trigger that evening. 


The next morning I looked outside the window and there was a big old Mamma Opossum in the cage.  They are as ugly as sin.  My migrant workers on the farm did not even want them to cook.  They took all the Raccoons and Woodchucks that I would bring them though.


The Opossum weighed at least 25 lbs.  That morning I brought the cage and the critter down to West Lake park a huge sanctuary and released her into the area.


I came back and did another sardine that day and sure enough the next morning it looked like papa opossum was hooked.  I took him down to the same area about 4 miles from my house across 2-4 lane highways that they would have to navigate if they wanted to come back to their nest.


The next day I caught what appeared to be one of the offspring as it was smaller than the others.  I drove that one to the area so it could join its family and leave my plants alone.  When I was opening up the cage door a vehicle pulled in and asked me what I was doing.  I told him.  He said "Where do you live?"  I told him about 4 miles from there. 


He said "Do you know that there is a law that says you cannot take a trapped animal any further than 200 feet from where you caught them?"  I said "You have to be kidding".  He took a badge out and showed me that he was a conservation official to prove he wasn't kidding.


He let me off the hook after I promised that this practice would stop.


I took the trap back to Home Depot and got a refund and read on the Internet that mothballs spread around in the gardens would be as an effective deterrent than anything and that is what I have been doing  and it works.


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