Mineral absorption critical to good health

A little chemistry

Let get a little chemistry out of the way before you dive into the heart of this feature.

It is written that there is no such thing as a natural death.  All deaths from so called natural causes are merely the end point of progressive tissue acid saturation.  We believe if we could sum up the serious nature of tissue acid waste (The Culprit) we would quote a passage from an Internet article by a Dr. Baroody.  He also has written an excellent book on the subject to the right.   “The countless names of illnesses do not really matter.  What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…"Too much tissue acid waste in the body”  Adequate Mineral absorption depends on the conditions that exist when mineral absorption can take place and if the body is aged rather than a spanking new young machine, the vital minerals you need to produce the critical electrolytes to do their job will not be created.  We believe that as in Dr. Baroodys acid theories that the spine and its conductivity factor coursing through the spinal canal have everything to do with skeletal health and the key nerves exiting out through the portals of vertebras designated to supply the organs etc. with the communications and nutrients. 

A great deal to do with the chemistry and electrical balance in the body is what they refer to as the Acid/Alkaline Balance.  Chinese medicine calls it ying and yang.  

As our past features have clearly pointed out a body that is continually fighting the negatives of a acid forming food diet and is in effect challenging the alkalinity benefits.  This is vital to not only mineral absorption but also the nutritional delivery to lets just say for example the many parts connected to the spine, the vertebras in particular.  We believe that in the majority of cases the lack of adequate minerals caused by the acid conflict contribute to the breakdown of the vertebra network and raise havoc with the health of them.  Collapsing  vertebras, consequential nerve impingement can be the result and pain and in some cases eased with dangerous over the counter medications let alone the heavy prescriptions from the Doctor.  You can solve your skeletal problems with natural alkaline foods and reduce your acid food intake to a minimum.


An Alkaline diet is a buffer for the acid foods we are exposed to and one of them in particular are meats.  Pigging out on meats without enough buffering  are the sure way to invade the body with acids that will either make you very ill and perhaps skeletally crippled.  Yes I am talking the knees and the spine.

There are some meats that have a lot of beneficial minerals and actually buffer the ill acid affects of the meat itself.   We believe that sardines have a generous amount of buffering bi-carbonates on board, calcium in the bones for one,  where some of your red meats don't.


The chemistry of the blood is a wondrous part of our health network and although the blood must be maintained between a pH of 7.32 to 7.45  unless  it is continually bombarded with an acid attack the body (Refined sugar, refined grains, booze and too much meat at a sitting) has to go into a protective mode and actually cannibalize the bodies bone stores to extract the needed minerals to compensate for the lack of dietary minerals and in most cases an inefficient mineral absorption ability.   For some chemically mysterious reason the soils in our orchards if maintained at the recommended pH would provide the proper pathway for plant nutrition, where a poor soil pH in the root zone would clearly indicate what is referred to as crystallization encapsulating the root zone and its sinister ability to prevent its up take to the plant.  This would be a classical example of tissue acid waste and occurs the same way in the human body.   You think you may be taking in all the nutrients that you need but only discover that they are not being utilized because of one problem or another and very clearly detailed in the information below.

Lets get started with the heart of this article

Note: Some of the information below is repetitious from the start of this feature, but reinforcing the critical aspects of the information will not hurt you one bit. If you are looking for literary excellence you are not in the right place as most of the theories we have are derived from the wisdom of others and a little horse sense.

Calcium and other co-factors are really the heart of this feature with enough Vitamin D3 circulating through the blood that mysteriously enhance the absorbability factor especially if the minerals in the main factors and co-factors come from natural food sources versus the questionable industrial chemical processes that most pill forms are derived from.  Factors and co-factors have unique atomic structures that instinctively know how to find the areas of need in the body. As the body ages it loses the efficiencies it had when it was young and for many aged may obtain as little as a few percent of available nutrients in their food intake.  This feature will try to motivate the reader into indulging in the right foods and managing them properly to obtain the most benefits possible.

When you talk atomic structures in food and the minerals in them you bring in the very short lived enzyme.  Enzyme efficacy lasts for minutes after they are converted into an edible state as in grinding, high speed blending and thorough chewing/mastication.  Incidentally we use three devices during the day to achieve as much crushing of the vital foods we use and again stand ready to consume these prepared foods for their trip into the intestines and ultimately into the blood stream. The three are first a Proctor Silex coffee bean grinder primarily used in the morning to pulverize the various seeds we use, Flax, Chia and Sesame, a Vitamix 3HP high speed blender for a green smoothie with many different berries that by the way have their seeds on board that provide the gift of life,  and last the daddy of them all your Teeth with the digestive saliva acids to go with it.  When you chew food thoroughly, mix the key multiple foods within the batch along with the digestive enzymes, you are sending this mix to your intestinal complex in its optimum state.

We are staunch believers in first the critical nature of raw natural foods that have not been adulterated so that the enzymes created in these foods are not destroyed with oxidation before they get a chance to work. We have written in some of our other health features that we turned up weed seeds from an occasional deeper then usual plowing where we estimated that the seed could have been as old as 75 years and when brought to the surface would actually germinate.  If this doesn't give you an idea regarding the viability of a seed nothing will.  If you take a hammer and give a seed a light tap you will find the gift of life has been terminated by the action.

In addition blending key foods in a batch and simultaneously breaking up the foods that must be used within minutes to gain the co-factor and co-enzyme dynamics.  

Below is an interesting piece of information that I snatched out of our cidermaker feature.  It relates to a visit that took place for me close to 60 years ago and relates to a cider processing operation and the "master cider maker". 

On top a roller affair the apples roll up  and just before the pulverizing process stood an elderly man.  I introduced myself and he said "I am Louis Grancelli and I am the master cider maker" I suspect if I met Leonardo DeVinci for the first time he would have introduced himself as the "Master Painter"

As the apples rolled up to the pulverizer the master cider maker would toss in an apple almost immediately before the pulverizing process.  The apples he used besides the general run of cider apples were a  special apple, a golden delicious with a Russet apple variety trait that we provided by a special request and the master said that the enzymes from these special few apples he added to the mix would integrate with the total mix and change the chemistry of the entire mix for the better.  He claimed the enzyme operation had to take place at precisely the same time the pulverizing operation took place versus just squeezing the apples into a tank and relying on a mixing of the juice.  In the eyes of the master cider maker, mixing the juice of various components into a tank and taking a paddle to the mix did not come close to the enzyme integration that the almost simultaneous pulverizing gave him with the perfect scenario. 

Keep in mind that my agricultural background has helped me understand the root absorbability factor when we had to tweak the pH of our orchard floors with anywhere from 2.5 to 3.0 tons of dolomitic limestone (with a good magnesium co-factor balance)  to the acre to bring the pH up to the recommended 6.8 pH for orchard culture.  pH in soil had a dramatic effect on whether crystallization in the root zone interfered with absorbability.  I have said that a kid can get all the minerals from a visit to McDonalds where it is doubtful an elder can simply based on their older warn out machine.

Actually when you ingest a banquet of balanced factors and co-factors you don't have control of what primary factors will take precedent  as in calcium assimilation.  You allow the body to sort out the combinations that are needed and the body does a great job of doing just that when the minerals are derived from natural food sources.  Looking for natural food sources check out our daily banquet intake every day below in the feature.  I do make a small exception with reservation added to my Vitamin D3 intake when I woof down in 3 different sessions some sheep's Wool Vitamin D3 derivatives.  I feel although the sheep's wool process has been breached hopefully there is some remnants of vitamin D3 benefits.

This is is just a back up to my sun intake every day where I have to be conscious of my sun exposure and propensity for skin cancers thanks to my blueeyedcurse trait.

When I read that there was a co-factor and enzyme configuration that resulted in placing a zinc ion on the ends of all the fingers of an atomic structure,  I was simply blown away and it really convinced me that going the natural route of intake versus depending on industrial chemical processes was the way to go.  Industrial chemicals are usually derived from crushed rocks and run through acid washes to separate out the minerals that are desired.  The only problem is these acid processes can strip out the complimentary minerals that are vital to the human health mineral process.  In many co-factor combinations there are unneeded minerals that are easily processed by the body and eliminated.  In the case of Industrial chemical derived minerals elimination may not happen in their entirety.  Stuff gets stuck in areas that create problems.  Cancer and heart disease just to name a couple of consequences.  Stuff that gets stuck is the classical tissue acid waste issue.


When you are talking nerves the main source of control coming down from the brain through the spinal canal.   Without the right mineral pathway from head to toe nothing works well.   There are many different problems that can crop up from the brain right down to the feet and anyone that pretends to put their finger on the exact location of the problem is only guessing.  There  are some professionals that do a fairly decent job of borrowing from their experience and guessing based on some trial and errors along the way if the patient sticks around to play ball.  In most cases medical approaches are related to the patient on a general basis.

AGE, it sneaks up on you.

The problem with most of us is we are not prepared for the body and its decline from age that sneaks up without warning.  When you are young you can obtain just about anything you need out of your diet and lifestyle and that includes obtaining enough  vitamin D3, enough minerals and a broad spectrum of co-factors from just about anything they eat including junk.  When you start to age, I didn't say when you age, I said when you start to age you have to make major changes to your intake and unfortunately long before you obtain any warning signals.  My wife and I waited until our 80s before we realized that we should have started a diet  modification program many years before we did.  This reminds me of the old comic George Burns that said "If I knew I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself"  I think he should have added "instead of living so long and feeling like crap" Most people that do not take care of themselves live a fairly long life because of the miracle of modern medicine, but live a life in misery.  There are millions of elderly that would rather be dead then continue with their pain and suffering,  but for the fear of death,  they hang on.

The heading of this feature represents the very critical aspects of human health because they apply to the bodies ability to absorb needed nutrients.  The big problem is most patients have been exposed to the luxury of youth and are not prepared in time to deal with the older bodies lack of efficiency once provided.

This feature concentrates on not only the role vitamin D3 plays, but the major contributors and  co-factors that complete the process.  When the body is shortchanged in Calcium because of insufficient intake, not enough stores in the bones, the body goes into an emergency mode and actually cannibalizes the existing bone matrix.  This is where problems really begin and is a common problem when an elderly person especially continues to indulge in a very acid diet, (booze, sweets, too much meat at a sitting and refined grains) let alone not receiving enough vitamin D3 to circulate in the blood and not enough quality calcium and co-factors contributing to an optimum absorption process to avoid bone density loss.

Link below will give a little more technical information on co-factors that is over my head.


Speaking of elderly.  A person especially children can obtain the nutrients they need figuratively speaking out of a rock and in fact this  luxury lasts for decades for many. You can get away with murder when your youth is purring like a kitten.  There comes a time when the roof caves in even for those that lead a decent life, but even then time catches up and things happen, like back problems and all the other terrible diseases like cancer and heart issues.

A diet that observes the need to obtain the needed minerals to be absorbed is most critical in advanced years and should be started like in the 50s not 70s and 80s when the roof has come down.  If you are 50 plus take this feature seriously and save yourself a lot of pain and suffering in your later years. Don't wait for the horse to leave the barn and head down the road.

Vitamin D is important to the body in many ways.  Muscles need it to move, for example, nerves need it to carry messages between the brain and every body part and vitamin d3 plays a huge role in the bloods ability to absorb the necessary minerals to maintain a solid bone density.  Once the bones start to go south and in particular the vertebras it is only a matter of time before the nerves and muscles go down hill especially in the lower lumbar area where the nerves to the lower extremities exit from the spinal canal.  At this juncture because of the body weight factor playing a huge role in pressing the vertebras and pinching the nerves.  In most cases they refer to this as spinal stenosis.  (Stenosis in Greek is choking)

A problem overlooked by most doctors is the fact that bone density loss is not just associated with calcium deficiency, but also with an insufficient intake of a host of other nutrients including magnesium and vitamin D3. In order for calcium to help maintain healthy bones, adequate amounts of vitamin D3, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and other nutrients should be available so that calcium can be incorporated into the bone matrix. Additionally, many forms of calcium are not well absorbed.

Co-Factors on the farm

Let me relate to you a perfect example of a co-factor that goes back to my agriculture past.  It is related to the application of dolomite lime and a recommendation from a professor at Cornel by the name of Pete Hoffman.  A rather short fellow with a southern drawl and outside of his Pomology education at Cornell U. in the bitter Northeast somewhat explained his decision to reside in the North east versus returning to his home state of Mississippi.  He tested the pH of an orchard floor of ours as we called it and found it to be below the recommended pH level relative to orchard culture.   In our case taking in the fact that it was sandy soil and the pH was in the 6.2 range he calculated that we needed about 3 ton of lime to the acre to bring it up to about 6.8 pH. which is the optimum level for orchards.  He said we should obtain the lime from a mine in the Massachusetts area because in addition to its lime content it had an excellent ratio of I believe was 3 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium and my guess is with the content of magnesium also had a nice contingent of other co-factors.   It could have been a different ratio as it was about 50 years ago.  So this was our first exposure to a co-factor and a critical one at that.  I later learned that the right ratio of Magnesium in a Lime/Calcium application optimized the absorption or what we called at the time food  availability to the root zone.  You could pour on plant food and lime and if you did not have the proper co-factors the benefits would just percolate past the root zone.  We assume the same dynamics apply to the human body.

One of the main tricks to getting the calcium you need is ensuring your body absorbs and maintains the calcium you consume.

Note: Visit the link below for a very informative feature.

Healthy Diet Benefits of Calcium

Even a minor calcium deficiency over time can wreak havoc with your bones, in the form of osteopenia or low bone mass.   If calcium deficiency,  even a mild level, is long term enough, ostopenia can progress to osteoporosis or brittle and porous bones.  For women especially, if you show signs of ostopenia if in a small amount, you should check out your calcium intake and the co-factors associated with it.  The last issue increases your risk for bone fracture and is epidemic among post-menopausal women.

Below is a list of foods we eat that we hope contain the co-factors that chime in with the major elements such as the all important Calcium's role along with the co-factors that work in synergy with one another.  We are not going to go into the amounts of each foods or the mineral content of each as it is voluminous.  In all cases the list of foods are derived from natural sources.  

From what we research, when using natural foods the chances of encountering an excessive negative response is very unlikely versus using artificial concoctions that may or may not be effective,  but can be harmful.  When you are dealing with calcium and other minerals for proper absorption, there is always the threat of inert material not being utilized and in fact leaving a residue in the cardiovascular network that can be deadly.

The list below consists of foods etc. that are again derived from natural sources that are in a natural state that nature intended regarding utilization.  As far as determining the right amount and portion, don't even attempt it because everyone is different.  We will rely on our intake for the most part from again natural sources where the body takes what it needs and gets rid of anything and everything it doesn't need.  If you were to research the potpourri of foods we eat below you will find they have all the components especially the co-factors that the body needs.  Hopefully we are obtaining enough to do the job, but only the man upstairs knows that. 

You will notice we ingest a large amount of seed sources that we refer to as "the gift of life" and the ultimate in natural food sources.  When you partake in seed sources that have been maintained in its natural state, like not crushed and treated,  you are receiving the source in its optimum state and benefits to the animal that eats it.  Incidentally the one food that is not easily identified as the most optimum are berries that are loaded with the "gift of life" in their seed content along with nuts and seed, pumpkin petita seed with its Zinc content are extremely valuable.  There are many cold over the counter medications with Zinc, but the only problem is the zinc is derived in many cases from industrial processed render the zinc in it to be of little benefit.  Chew well about 50 to a 100 pepetia seed a day and mix the batch with some of the key foods mentioned in our lunch salad (I start with a whole sardine, loaded with co-factors and you will be on your way to a cold and flu free season.  Nuts to you.com on the Internet is your best source for a 5 lb, bag and the best investment you can make in your health efforts.

Foods starting first thing in the morning


Glass of distilled water that has a small amount of pure lemon juice a little Pomegrande juice with a table spoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar, 1 ounce of Boars Head Roast beef.  Break fast cereal with Almond milk, (Don't get excited about the calcium carbonate put in different liquids) 1 prune, small pieces of dried apricots, raisins, and cranberries,  banana, ground chia, brown flax and golden flax seed,  sesame seed.  All seed ground up in a proctor silex coffee bean grinder,  a few mixed nuts, almonds, walnuts, brazil and pecan.  approximately 30 whole pumpkin seeds chewed well, cut up fruit, one or two strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, black berries. (Keep in mind that the seed of berries have the gift of life)  3 eggs per week, 2 hardboiled, Tuesday and Thursday breakfast, 1 scrambled on Saturday morning with a little butter as you do need a little animal fat and pure butter gives you this versus the plastic stuff.   1 glass of pure orange juice with most pulp with a tablespoon of Whey Protein and about 30 more raw pumpkin seeds chewed up well.  Keep in mind we consume about 100 whole pumpkin petita seeds a day as they are loaded with natural zinc and a great deal more potent than some of the Zinc cold medications on the market


Salad with various lettuce varieties, 1 can of Portuguese sardines, 4 1/4 ounces, black beans, nuts as in breakfast, slice of low fat cheese cut up, olive oil, grape tomatoes, slice of zucchini, cup of low fat yogurt with fruit and berries, a small dish of cut up watermelon, a little cabbage,  a little cottage cheese, 1 prune, a gurkin pickle, a little sauerkraut.  One little terribly delicious cookie with my guess hydrogenated oil in it.  

Afternoon Smoothie etc.

Our Smoothies usually consists of fruits and berries, a whole sliced up apple, the gel from a couple of home grown aloe leaves, nuts and seed, a few leaves of Kale, Arugula, Parsley, Spinach , a little home grown wheat grass, small handful of mung bean sprouts, about 4 pieces of ice, (the ice so you do not overheat the product in the blender and destroy the enzymes)  a glass of water from the morning mix of apple cider vinegar, pure lemon juice and 100% Pomegrande juice.  All of this mix is churned up in a high speed Vitamix high speed blender.  There are about three days in a week that instead of the blender mix I eat just a sliced up apple.  This depends on  my bathroom habits as a everyday blended mix results in a looseness.  After about an hour or so we peel back a navel orange and eat that to complete my afternoon session before supper.  Between our orange Juice intake in the morning, along with the whole orange after our smoothie this should help in our pursuit of an adequate vitamin C etc. intake for the day.


All suppers usually involve a piece of meat about the size to fit in the palm of your hand.  Meat is an acid and should be limited although meat is essential to the diet.  In addition we use a ready to steam vegetables pack  to microwave.  Steaming is the best way to preserve the benefits of vegetables and the microwave does an excellent job.  In addition to the meat and vegetables we alternate between a wild rice and a baked sweet potato.  The sweet potato has a great deal of nutrients and in particular the skin where the eyes of the potato are again the gift of life with its eyes/seed. (1 pad of pure butter on the potato skin and the little pulp on the skin)  We have a minor problem with the caloric issue of the sweet potato pulp which prompts us to remove about 70 % of it and discard it.  The remaining pulp remains on the inside of the skin  (We don't want to disturb the benefits of the pulp just under the skin) and we slice it up with the skin of the potato.  We use a full glass of our water mix at a meal.

Bottom line.  

Below are few practices that should be considered as we age so to speak and at the expense of being repetitious let me say that what applies when you are dealing with a young body that is hitting on all cylinders versus an old engine that has run out of steam are two very different things.  There are folks that go all the way into their 80s before the roof caves in and some that start to show the effects well before.  One well before "red fIag" is where the teeth start to show serious concerns that can be from a serious acid condition going on along with dental health delinquencies.  The co-factor feature you will see is where we focus on the acid/alkalinity factor as it relates to mineral assimilation such as Calcium and how much the co-factors play.  As far as the co-factors are concerned you will take note of the many different types of nuts and seed and fruit is in our dietary regimen.  These items are loaded with co-factors along with the primary minerals, so a diverse intake of all of these items are the best way to insure an adequate amount of co-factors are working hand in hand with the key minerals such as calcium.  

Weight factor

Lets face it excess weight is one of the most devastating burdens you can impose on your body.  In most cases excess weight reflects a faulty diet and excess refined sugar is the demon and will kill you as it has to countless others.  In addition most sugar is combined with refined grains and the two together are a time bomb.  The time bomb is not only the extra weight that imposes a strain on the heart, but reflects something even more sinister and that is acid waste that teams with the strain factor.  Acid waste is responsible for all of our ills and accumulates in different areas especially the arterial network that is the forerunner of blockages, like heart attacks and strokes.

Get is off and keep it off !


Vitamin Sunshine

There are a few sources that we derive Vitamin D3 from.  Sunshine and Cholesterol is in our opinion the best way to receive your Vitamin D3.  As we know when UVB Rays hit the skin the Cholesterol that has been delivered to the skin blends with the UVB rays and oola vitamin D3 is produced in its most purest and effective forms.  The main thing is not to overdo your exposure. 20 to 30 minutes a day is usually more than with exposure evenly divided on each of the 4 quadrants of your body.   There are a few foods especially foods that have a combination of bones and other critical elements that are conducive for mineral  assimilation.  Sardines are the champions of these attributes.  Last are supplements of Vitamin D3 derived from the wool of sheep.  The lanolin in sheep wool when processed will yield vitamin D3.  I suspect that there are many sources of Vitamin D3 in the hair etc. of many animals but my guess is sheep wool is abundant and a natural means to obtain the Vitamin D because of the volume of sheep wool and the convenience of it.  Sheep wool could have its own distinction, but I haven't studied it thus far. My problem with sheep wool is that is goes through a very aggressive process where acids are used that strip out the unwanted components of the raw product and one has to wonder whether there is anything left in the final product that can be of any benefit.  For the record I still use Vitamin D3 supplements derived from sheep wool as a back up to my other means of obtaining Vitamin D3.  The final product is referred to as Cholecalciferol which is Vitamin D3, so cross your fingers and make sure you annual blood test includes a 25 hydroxy vitamin D3 test.  A value of around 40 ng/ml is recommended by many medical experts on this issue.  We personally are confident our 50 ng/ml readings are just about right although again this is a controversial subject.

Am I Actually Absorbing Vitamin D?

Getting enough of a nutrient into your system is one piece of the puzzle, however it is also crucial that your body is fully equip to use these supplies. The body is a complex system that works in highly integrated pathways. Therefore, supplementing with an isolated nutrient alone is rarely effective and can, in some cases, be detrimental. While there are many factors that must stay in balance, here are three key things to consider when correcting vitamin D deficiency

  1. Consume Enough Healthy Fats- Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning it is absorbed in lipids and stored in the body tissues for use. Having an adequate amount of healthy fats in the diet is absolutely crucial for the proper functioning of the vitamin. Cholesterol is also a precursor to vitamin D, and must be consumed in adequate amounts for its synthesis to occur properly. Include quality fat from raw butter, grass fed gheeextra virgin coconut oil, unfiltered olive oil, flax oilwalnut oil, pumpkin seed oil and sunflower oil.
  2. Maintain Healthy Gut Flora- Dietary vitamin D is absorbed in the jejunum and ileum of the small intestine, and is dependent on sufficient quantities of bile salts. Poor gastric health and food allergies can cause a binding of vitamin D in the small intestine rendering it totally unusable. Maintaining healthy gut flora by eating fermented foods and taking a probiotic regularly are helpful measures to promote the full absorption of all nutrients, but especially for susceptible ones such as vitamin D. As gastrointestinal supporting supplements are popular on today's market, it is important to select a probiotic that is effective without additives and fillers, which will only lead to further digestive irritation.
  3. Supplement with Magnesium- Magnesium is a crucial cofactor for the enzymes that convert vitamin D to it's hormonally active form, calcitriol. When vitamin D is consumed in an individual who is low in magnesium, it cannot be properly used by the cells. Not only will vitamin D deficiency remain completely unchanged, but the metabolic work from this thwarted reaction drains magnesium from the muscles. This often results in symptoms such as leg cramps, restless legs and twitching. Experts explain that supplementing with 400-900 mg of transdermal magnesium in tandem with increasing vitamin D is crucial to successfully balancing deficiencies

Tanning Beds

Last are what they refer to as "safe tanning beds"  These beds are controversial and I would suggest studying Dr.  Mercola's experience with them.   A simple internet search "Mercola/tanning beds" search will obtain his read on the practice  especially for those who live in the northern areas of the country where sunshine is minimal for a large part of the year.

Dental health

As we mentioned dental health is critical in so many ways as teeth and gums that have been neglected are a prime target for the bodies need for calcium and as we have brought out in our feature.  Poor teeth have been a big concern in Cardiovascular health for many years and there are many facts that support this issue.  Teeth that have problems are targets for easy cannibalizing these areas are what they refer to as low hanging fruit.  Calcium in fish with bones such as sardines are a perfect source of calcium and sardines in particular have a number of co-factors, but will not correct dental problems, only a professional can do this for you.


We have written a ton on this subject and one of the keys to being able to design a means of assimilation especially with calcium assimilation.  One of the main practices to balance the pH is controlling the food and drink we ingest and this can be accomplished by first limiting the amount of meat consumed at a sitting.  We use the palm of our hand to gauge the size of the piece of meat we eat as meat as essential as it is creates an acid  imbalance as meat generally is an acid food.

Does your diet contain sufficient levels of healthy and alkaline foods which are the primary source of alkaline minerals?

If not, then your body is likely to be too acidic, which is predominantly caused by a typical Western lifestyle of high stress levels, low levels of exercise and for most, an unhealthy and acidic diet.

An overly acidic diet and lifestyle is one of the core causes for diseases and illnesses common in our Western world such as high blood pressure, high number of strokes, diabetes, cancer, high obesity levels, low energy levels, fatigue, poor digestion and inflammations just to name a few.
In order to prevent us from such diseases and live a long and healthy life we want to aim for our body to be balanced with more alkalinity, which we can achieve by focusing on foods that alkalize our body and avoid those that acidify it. The alkaline balance of our body is determined by the levels of alkaline minerals, which we can take in through a high consumption of mineral rich foods and secondly through the intake of mineral supplements.

Minerals and Electrolytes

The below link is a continuing case for obtaining enough and the right mineral intake.