MRSA Staph infections.


There have been recent incidents with people close to us that have suffered from staph infections.  Hospitalization, boils, surgery the whole 9 yards and it is scary.


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections are more common ó both in and out of hospitals ó than experts once thought.  In addition to hospital contagions it seems that gyms and athletic relationships are cropping up at an increased rate.


There are many measures that you can take to avoid staph infections for your self and people close to you, as some of these infections are highly contagious.   We know a family on our property in New York that has gone through sheer hell as it went through the whole family.


Lymph System


We have written extensively on the role the lymph system plays regarding infections.  For a complete rundown check out our feature


One job of the lymph system is to drain and filter fluids to detect and remove the bacteria. Small lymph vessels collect the liquid and move it toward larger vessels so that the fluid finally arrives at the lymph nodes for processing. There are no back ups to the lymph system. You have 3 times more lymph fluid in your body than blood. The lymph system delivers nutrients and takes wastes away from your cells, nothing else. The blood starts the process the lymph system finishes it.

So letís start the measures you can take below with the lymph system and continue from there.  Recently a large study on cancer was published and they confirmed that a diet of at least 65% fruits and vegetables prevent most of the cancers along with weight control and all the other stuff, smoking, fats, preservatives.  The lymph network responds positively to an alkaline fruit and vegetable diet, throw in whole grains, nuts, seed, beans and you will be doing it right.


Brushing, and/or light use of a wash cloth to keep the tributaries leading to the lymph nodes open is very important.  The critical areas are underneath the chin just where the good doctor checks first to see if there is any swelling.  You might as well very softly do the carotid arteries while you are doing under the chin, but again go gently as these are sensitive areas that can be compressed and damaged.


Armpits, the crease of your elbow, the groin area, back of your legs.




Food Sources


Food sources that effect the ability to support the immune system pro and con.  If we get into a real epidemic of this staff infection business  the first thing that you can do is virtually eliminate from your diet refined sugar and grains, like in bread, cookies, rolls, ice cream, booze etc.  Cut them out.  You should minimize them anyway.




The following foods I partake in every day, staph infections or not.  Probiotics kill bad bacteria in your gut and you donít want any bad bacteria competing with your ability to fend off staph infections.

My favorite probiotic foods areÖ  A couple of table spoons of apple cider vinegar split into 2 sessions with a tab of honey and a couple of squirts of lemon juice for the old liver.   Donít forget the liver is a processing filtering plant in itself.  Animal fats and the liver by the way do not get along,  so just about cut out animal fats except on Sunday night when you have a thin crust pizza.   A nice big dab of sauerkraut on a salad is another good probiotic as it remind me of my days as a kid eating those long hotdogs with the sauerkraut, at Yankee Stadium boy they were good, kosher dill gherkin pickles, a couple a day in salad.  I love em.  Cultured plain Yogurt unsweetened is one of the finest probotics you can take.  Fresh garlic everyday is real smart.  There is nothing that compares to Garlic and it's ability to ward off most infections.  Letís throw in a good digestive enzyme at just about every meal.   Almost forgot the daddy of them all, eating a good hard apple every day that will keep the Doctor and staph infections away and that is coming from the horses mouth,  Apple Bob.  A hard apple does a pretty good tune on excess cholesterol too.


Sanitary Conditions


Sanitary conditions especially in hospitals, Doctorís offices, gymnasiums or any where there is sweat and mold. You go into a Doctors office or anywhere people are being medically treated, for Gods sakes donít pick up a waiting room piece of reading material.  That could do the trick on you.  When I look at those magazines on the table I swear they look like they are levitating,  because they probably are or at least crawling.


Gums and Teeth


We have written on Gums and teeth diseases.  There are no areas of your body that has an abundance of good and bad bacteria as your mouth.  If you neglect your teeth and gums and run into even a minor problem where excess bacteria is draining into your stomach,  again competing with the resources you need to fend off a staph infection, you should take extra precautions with dental care.  We recommend regular dental check ups and cleaning and if you are lucky to find a good periodontist have a deep cleaning at least once a year.  My wife and I are getting ready for our yearly.  It is not a great experience, but it is worth knowing we are doing what is right fending off staph infections and a lot more.


Public Facilities


The bathrooms in these facilities or any facility is the perfect scenario to pick up most anything.  Carry tissue or paper towel and open and close doors with them; donít use your bare hand. Any thing with a handle use the paper towel.  Washing your hands vigorously with a lot of soap from a dispenser is best on a regular basis.  Again bringing your own paper towels into a strange bathroom is smart.  You don't have to be a brain surgeon to tell you not to put your bare touchť on a toilet seat.  Last is that hot air hand cleaner.  I have read this is one of the most perfect mediums to spread disease and bacteria.  You are in a sick filled tactility, you are in a bathroom with God know what is lurking and you add hot air to the mix?  Don't use it.


Open Wounds


Watch out for open cuts or even scrapes as this really escalates the chances of these infections.


The Sun, Sardines, Salmon, Vitamin D3, Calcium and You.

A researcher at the University of California/San Diego stated "No other method to prevent cancer has been identified that has the powerful impact of Vitamin D3".  Hey that is saying a lot. 


You can add staph infections to the 3 's above along with Calcium as there is nothing that compares to Ole Sole when it comes to the immune system.  Check out our feature on the sun and how vital a role it plays in everything pertaining to your health.


Echinacea/Zinc/Vitamin C Lozenges


Last is my favorite to ward off infections of any kind, I havenít had a cold in 8 years since I have been using Echinacea/Zinc/Vitamin C lozenges when I feel something coming on, or at least threatened like with snotty Grandchildren.  You can pick them up in all drug stores.  I swear by them and if you feel that you have been exposed in any way pop a couple of them in  as recommended for a few days,  but donít over do it,  as overdosing on zinc can be a problem.


Fresh Air


Fresh air is so important to support the immune system and prevent scourges such as Staph infections.  Most people do not get enough fresh air.  Laying in the sun and exposing as much of your body to the air is crucial to good health. 


There is another fresh air issue and that is indoor pollution.  People who live in extreme weather environments, hot or cold have a tendency to choke themselves with indoor stale air. 


One of the best applications is to take in a small amount of exchange fresh air into your Heating and Cooling system.  This is not a big engineering deal as much as it is a cost factor.   It will increase your energy costs to a small degree as must exchange systems are in the neighborhood of 5%. The question is how much value is there to fresh air intake when you can't open up your windows or just plain neglect to open them up.


When you do open up those windows especially after a prolonged period because of the conditions you do a great deal of good by turning on the "Fan Only" setting if you have a forced air system.  This will not only distribute the air throughout the living area but will give your ductwork a welcomed shot of fresh air as well.  Bacteria thrives in moist moldy conditions, fresh air helps the situation.


There are probably 50 other measures you can take to avoid staph infections but at least the material above can help and get you started.


This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.