Bones and Absorption


This feature is an extension to our calcium absorption feature and we have decided to create a separate feature with the newest information regarding the "Bones" subject.  Adequate mineral absorption is basically blessed on the young when a young body can extract and deliver the needed minerals, calcium being one of them to vital areas of the body to prevent the ravages that occur especially when the body ages and is not able to automatically perform its duties.  There are preventative measures that one can take if they are blessed with an extended age, lets say 70s plus and  implementing the few measures laid out in this feature.  Starting and implementing our recommendations of absorption earlier in life will pay dividends and make it a lot easier for the aged body into the transition process.


Below is an outline of these measures.  Obtaining the minerals needed through absorption, that does not happen automatically ( like when you were young)  When you age Mother Nature puts you in the expendable department, but she allows you some extra years if you understand what you can do to help yourself.  What is the expression " God helps those who help themselves"

A. Eating the right foods with the minerals needed to counter the ravages of bone disease as well as organic issues.  The minerals can either be obtained from the food itself or supplementation. Food sources are the best because they have the little synergies complimenting the process. (Don't ask me how).  There are occasions when you have to add a little calcium supplementation, but again too much can be deadly.  Remember all ills are caused by too much tissue acid waste in the body.  

B. In addition choosing the right foods that have the fiber needed to slow down the absorption process and deliver the vital minerals that good fiber foods have, berries, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seed into the blood stream synergistically.  

C.  Complete mastication is critically important for absorption efficacy. 

A little handle on the precise meaning of synergy below, enjoy....

The prefix syn- means "together with" or "united." When synergistic parts work together, they accomplish more than they could alone.  Synergetic is often used to describe the effect of drugs working together where one drug increases the other's effectiveness.

Two way street

In the meaning of Synergy above they only give one example and that is one drug increasing the effectiveness of another.  They leave out an area that concerns me personally as it relates to the effectiveness of synergy.  Where in parts working together can optimize the absorption/utilization factor, synergy can play another role that is equally important and that is controlling the excesses especially in calcium's ability to raise havoc with ones cardiovascular network.  Yes the misuse of calcium with ignorance and/or the exploitation of vendors pushing the need for calcium deficiency can put you in an early grave.  This is where synergy takes on a different role with its desire to balance the system that includes purging the excesses with mineral synergy before they enter the body parts and cause harm.  So when you are masticating your foods along with let's say some extra calcium, keep in mind that the mastication is releasing not only the benefit to the absorption process but in the case of unwanted excesses controls this issue as well.  

Warning, don't let blood calcium levels that could be in the normal range give you the impression your calcium is being managed properly.  Excess calcium can find its way out of the blood system giving a normal reading in a blood run, when excess calcium has escaped the blood system and is doing its dirty work elsewhere. 

My only solution to this is keeping an eye on bone density and determining whether your calcium levels along with the complimenting synergy minerals are doing the job.  Keep in mind even a report of Osteopenia is discovered this does not necessarily mean osteoporosis is close at hand.  I would suggest monitoring bone density closely and not jump on osteoporosis treatments.  If your bone density numbers do not move between testing we would seriously follow the dietary recommendations regarding mineral synergies before jumping on the medicine bandwagon.  On the other hand a patient that is clearly showing a bone density in the osteoporosis range than a combination of medical treatment and dietary measures are in order and under the direction of a Physician that knows what they are doing.

Vitamin D3

Obtaining and maintaining a generous amount of Vitamin D3 that plays a critical role in the absorption process and a process that is way over my head to explain.  One area that is very controversial is the amount of time between a sun session and a dip in the pool and/or a shower with or without soap that could wash off the benefits of the Vitamin D3 process.  I personally believe soap and water can disturb the process on the skin, especially with my studies of cholesterol's part in the process and the oily environment developed in the sun process.  We go out of our way to allow at least 12 hours between a sun session and a bath as again we do believe there is a good chance washing the skin prematurely can effect the degree of Vitamin D3 process.


Smoothies take on a very important role in  vitamins and minerals entering the blood system through absorption, but in the case of smoothies how you go about it will make all the difference in how successful you will be.

Opposing views

Unfortunately there seems to be overwhelming differences on many health issues and vitamin and mineral absorption are one of them.  There is one school of thought where blending product can result in a liquid mix that will pass through the system without being entirely  absorbed.  The other school of thought is where it is believed that product going through an aggressive mastication is more than enough to obtain the full benefits and take advantage of the extended traffic time.

So as in many instances after researching issues and confronting different views you are left on your own to choose the best path.  

In this cases I have come up with a "cakes and eat it" at least I hope I have.

With the clear indication that a very liquid state of product could sail through your intestinal track with only a portion of it being absorbed, even though the majority of it would be revealed only to be directed to the treatment plant.  Or where the product is not in a liquid state but enough to yield the benefits of the product because as stated above with a optimum traffic time.

So what we have decided to do in our everyday regimen is while preparing the product for the blending operation, a decent amount of product in our case we have chosen 3 prominent fibrous foods, Apples, Carrots and Pumpkin seeds.  We indulge in chewing a part of the product with a modest amount of mastication.  More than half of the three fiber products are incorporated into the blender.   This chewed product goes down first and immediately followed by  downing the loose smoothie where the product has been ruptured and all the goodness has been exposed, especially the Chia, Sesame, Flax, Brown and Golden and Pumpkin.  You can control the amount of liquid you add to the mix and it shouldn't be excessive.   In this case you are slowing up the traffic time but realizing the full benefits of the product that has gone through the blending process.

We avoid the juicing methods that produce an excess sugar intake especially if you use a fruit juice.  In this case we would substitute water with blended fruits and vegetables instead of commercial juice because if you use the right products for your mix you will be getting a good amount of sugar as it is.