Golden Age

When you are young like most of you, either heading for your Seventies or in them you can get away with murder. Unfortunately when the mid seventies arrive and especially if you have not been particularly diligent in your heath care things go south and things happen.

In our particular personal experience the first thing that crops up especially for women is urinary issues take place and this is what we will focus on for this feature.

We believe that faulty urinary practices can contribute to eventual infections not only urinary sourced infections but a good chance that a urinary infection can directly or indirectly be the forerunner of a deadly blood infection called sepsis. Many hospital sepsis patients donít make it out of the hospital alive and in my wifeís case a new special blood transfusion antibiotic only a year in the treatment line most likely saved her life.

My wife has been having increased urinary issues for a year or more now.

When she first encountered a very troubling back issue where she had to retreat to a recliner chair in our Florida room to sleep and ran into a urinary condition especially at night. At the same time she was using some pads that worked marginally. Most pad donít do it gals.

We decided that we had to consider a womanís diaper and tried Depends. She did not find the Depends as comfortable as she liked and we tried Top Care that we can only find at Winn Dixie and we make special visits to pick up a couple of 32 count bags at a trip. Look for the placards that say Feminine aisle.

I am told that the Depends shifted at times where the Top care doesnít shift and create problems. So without investigating different makes without more extensive study and trial. I would start with the large, maximum size.

The daily schedule can involve 2 or 3 changes. Starting at night she puts one on for the most vulnerable time, bed time. In fact at night to insure there is no breach issues of the diaper, she places two large bath towels folded in half and a smaller towel on top of them. This totally eliminates any issues penetrating the diaper, the two heavy bath towels and the smaller towel and soiling the chair fabric. Most mornings all of these towels go into the washing machine.

So with the nightly diaper applied she goes to about 1 am where she gets up and in most cases has perhaps a very little issue that has dried and she leaves it on until morning about 8 a,m disposes of it and does not put a fresh one on.

She then she goes the whole day without a diaper on that we prefer because air is the ticket to prevent urinary issues. There is on occasion the need to put on a fresh diaper on in the middle of the day, cbut seldom. In this case she goes all the way through to about 8 p.m. when she puts on her nightly diaper to start the next cycle.

There are occasions during the day when we make medical visits or hair visits where as a precaution she will put a diaper on about 12 P.M. so the total for these days would be 3 diapers and will be used for the day and only two for the days when there are no visits.

Doris insists that her 1 A.M. trips do not require a fresh diaper and it isnít until 8 a.m. where the diaper is disposed of but a fresh one is not applied. I personally would apply a fresh diaper on if there was any dampness discovered. I would then dispose of that diaper and not put a fresh one on.

Now you may not have any issues regarding the need of diapers but you may know someone who could use this information. Spread it around especially to your loved ones.

The potential of not only urinary infections but leading into a blood sepsis infection could be deadly. Fresh dry diapers could extend your life for years and years and not have to be hooked up to a blood treatment to bail you out of the morgue.