Herbs and Aloe Vera Gel from Your Garden to Alkalize.

The importance in eating  a good proportion of alkaline rich raw vegetables to neutralize acids in our body and minimize tissue acid wastes that accounts for all of our ills is covered extensively in our www.blueeyedcurse.com website.  The below feature is just one part of our program using Fresh Herbs and Aloe Vera Gel in combination,  fresh out of our/your garden.

To the left is a part of our Aloe Vera planting that we use not only for internal use,  but for our skin and we have a feature called AloePlus 4 Skin Cream on our website that covers this in detail.  Most people even in the sun belt do not get enough sun and it is vital to your health.  A good skin cream allows you the protection to receive enough sun.  Most sun blockers can be toxic. Check out our "Sun and You" article on our website.

Herbs harbor a huge amount of alkaline minerals,  Parsley being the daddy of them all. 

We have a planting  to the right of 5 different herbs, parsley, chives, basal, tarragon and  mint that we use for cooking and to eat fresh out of the garden by way of harvesting  a little bunch enough to fill our mouth once a day.  Don't be stingy when you buy herbs.  We use the 9 inch nursery container pots and 4-4 inch herb pots fit into them nicely and 5 is even better for each variety, but you may want to cut down a little and plant a couple of varieties in one pot.  Note the one Aloe Vera plant (back right) that we keep handy in an area that we traffic regularly.  

Aloe can act as a Biological Vehicle (or active carrier) - meaning that as well as physically helping other products to penetrate the skin, it also has its own complementary biological activity.  We also believe that the same skin penetration is also carried to the digestion process and we feel that Aloe along with its own benefits enhances the alkaline properties of the herbs in the process.  Aloe Vera is legendary regarding its amazing properties and they have found writings carved in walls going back thousands of years, depicting Aloe for its many medicinal benefits.  Of course herbs have a  legend of their own.  Note: Herbs are the classical "green leafy vegetable". Green leafy vegetables have a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids and are critical in balancing 3's with 6's.  Add this to a diet of flax seed (freshly ground is best) Fish (Ask for the organic grown, not farm grown" salmon, sardines, tuna, herring and Walnuts.   Add some almonds as they are one of the few alkalizing forming foods in the nut family.
















We extract some Aloe Vera gel and mix it with the herbs as demonstrated above.  Photo above is  before we pop the whole business in our mouth.  You can see the gel sitting on top of the herbs.  We don't go into any elaborate kitchen operation for this.  We do it right out in the garden and use the cup of our hand as the vessel.  Down the hatch!  Chew everything up well, the better you chew it, the better the mix, the better for you.  Using these herbs with a little Aloe Vera will produce a positive affect in your bowel movements.

This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.