pH range 

For our purposes we will be measuring urine and saliva. In a perfect world with other health parameters in place, the pH of both urine and saliva will be right around the 6.4 level - and this would be at just about any time of day when tested - though the best times to track and test for a baseline reading would be two hours after a meal. 

Understand that pH can move all over the place. This is so because most individuals "total alkalinity" is not very strong. So two hours after a meal for instance, you may find the urine going acid as it is a reflection of the meals acid components pushing the pH. But as "total alkalinity" increases in an individual, this swaying urine pH starts to lock in at the 6.5 level. This takes time to accomplish. 

The question may arise as to why urine and saliva should be steady in the 6.5 area, and the answer lies with the work of many researchers, most specifically in this regard to Dr. Carey Reams. In our own clinical work with the research of Reams, Vincent, Rivici and others, we strongly concur with the 6.5 level for urine and saliva. 

The reason 6.5 seems to be ideal is for specific ionization principles to be carried out in the body. Anytime we talk about the human body and biological terrain, we can relate it to stories of farming and soil terrain for there is common ground in both areas. After all, we do come from the dust of the earth and it is the dust of the earth from which we will return (our bodies at least). pH is but one parameter that quantifies the nature of the terrain.  

When a plant grows, it draws up from the cationic earth and reaches towards the anionic sky. As one force of the plant spirals up, another energetic force spirals down. The plant uptakes the water and minerals from the soil and ionizes, changes and incorporates those substances into the fibers and matrix of the plant. In order for the plant to reach its optimum and most healthy state (and nutritious when talking about edible plants) the soil terrain must be within an ideal range of parameters. 

When we eat the plant, the process is reversed and the plant substance is broken down through the pressure and resistance of digestion and the soil of the liver transforms, stores and dispenses components of the life processes which are further acted on by the soil of the cells and glands throughout the body.  It is the circle of life; highly charged, electric, and magnetic, some might say electromagnetic or electrostatic. 

I am reminded of a story of this circle of life spoken of by Buckminster Fuller who was truly a great thinker (you may recall the geodesic dome and Bucky balls). He was once asked the question, what is fire? In a nutshell, he said that if you were to watch a log burning in the fireplace, the fire you are seeing is the sun's radiation unwinding. The sun's flame winds through the sky and through photosynthesis is absorbed by the tree. The tree grows and for every year of its life a growth ring forms showing a years worth of absorbing the sun's flame. When the tree gets chopped down to a log and burned in the fireplace, you are witness to the sun's flame coming back out.  It's the circle of life. 

The food you consume stores the flame of the sun. The more perfect your body's biological terrain, the more capacity you will have to extract every ounce of the flame to give you vibrant health and dynamic energy. The food you consume is met with the resistance of digestion, and it is this resistance which causes a friction and a release of energy in the form of amino acids and mineral ions, colloids, heat and electricity.  

Visualize a hydraulic press. That press sits between your saliva pH of 6.4 and your urine pH of 6.4. At that pH level the press has maximum force and effect to extract all the energy food has to give. But if the saliva pH that is above the press or the urine pH that is below the press shifts outside of the 6.4/6.4 range, the efficiency of the press begins to fall. Hence, metabolic efficiency begins to go askew, imbalance sets in, and over time problems can develop.

There is direct tie in to the pH of the body and the critical lymph network.  The link below will give you a good insight on it, check it out.

This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.