The Prostate


“The old mans disease or more?”

Understanding Your PSA Level

A PSA level of 1.5 or higher indicates that you may have an enlarging prostate.  If you are a man over 50 years old and you don’t have a regular blood test at least once a year, along with the digital “finger job” you should have your head examined.  Most if not all prostate cancers can be taken care of with different treatments, one being removal.  Sweeping this puppy under the rug is insane.

From my research the conventional thinking is that if they biopsy your prostate and there is no metastizing into the peripheral areas the recommendation is removal.  If the cancer has spread than an operation becomes more risky, as just the disturbance of the area can exacerbate the situation.  The treatments other than removal may be able to take care of all the areas of cancer in the prostate and around it.

So if your PSA is up around 1 ½ to  2 ng/ml this is time to watch it every year or less and see if it escalates and especially doubles from year to year.  My Realtor had his PSA go from 4 to 7 in one year and they yanked it out and he is fine, although the whole process and recovery was not a picnic.  They are doing prostate removal with Robots now in some hospitals.  There is as relatively new Robotic procedure called the DaVinci and there is a great deal written on it and I personally am impressed with it in all regards.  Like anything the experience of the surgeon is critical and that should be thoroughly investigated.  The internet is loaded with articles on it.  Look for the latest 2007 features.


So we will assume for now if your PSA is around 1.5 or so you may just have the “old man’s disease” an enlarged prostate.  They call it BPH.


Self treatment


The below recommendations are self treatments for BPH not for cancer,  although I personally believe if one follows the dietary regimen described they very well could avoid not only prostate cancer, but all of the other ills that can terrorize us.  The dietary recommendations are primarily anti-oxidant foods that scavenge the body for oxidants that cause inflammation that is instrumental in causing  heart disease, cancer and/or all the rest.  If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer to any degree,  you must rely on professional care not this fruit peddler.


One reservation that I will make here and that is for someone who has been diagnosed with cancer of any kind,  the following excerpt is from a feature on our website…

You may recall a bond trader by the name of Michael Milken a few years back that was thrown in the slammer for years because of some shady dealings.   He got the Bad News , (Not from the bond trading)  I believe it was prostate cancer.  He was diagnosed terminal.

He took the bull by the horns and went into a very aggressive program of blending fruits and vegetables.  6 months later they couldn't find a trace of cancer and he is still kicking.  Blending not juicing releases the full array of powerful anti-oxidants that juicing doesn't and the best way to do it is down the hatch immediately after the blending process.

The full feature is and the recommendations in the feature as well as the recommendations below should not interfere with conventional medical treatments, although to play it safe I would write up everything that you are doing and present it to the Doctor, as there are some foods that do interfere with certain treatments.  Herbs especially can be a conflict.

Rudy Giuliani:

Below is an excerpt out of a USA Today feature on Rudy Giuliani and his bout with prostate cancer.   It briefly describes what the process was that he went through.  

After much study with the help of his girlfriend, Judy Nathan, a former medical executive, Giuliani and his doctors decided to begin with hormone therapy and follow with radiation in implanted pellet form and 25 external radiation treatments over a five-week period.

He states that he is cured. 

They did not indicate in the feature whether the cancer had spread or at least whether there was a question whether it may have spread outside of the gland.   The fact that they went ahead with the general radiation implants and 25 external radiation treatments could very well indicate that there was a question regarding matastizing outside of the prostate gland, but I am not sure about this.   Most if not all of the cases that I have run into to repeat, was when there was a clear indication that there was no matastizing, the patient and the Doctor decided to take it out.

Below is the link into the full article and the experiences of Rudy Giuliani and his bout with prostate cancer.  It is quite interesting and for anyone that has the concern it should be read in its entirety, as it has multiple options to consider.

Self treatments for BPH and general health supplements and dietary practices continued….



The nutrient Saw Palmetto seems to be the most popular one regarding the Prostate.   I buy a product from the Life Extensions people in Ft. Lauderdale that has the Saw Palmetto and 8 other ingredients supposeably designed for Prostate problems.  I do respect the Life Extensions organization.




One of the ingredients in the Life Extension product is Lycopene and this seems to be a favorite in regard to foods and primarily the fruits that have it.  They claim fruits with a red coloring are about the most concentrated with Lycopene.  Tomatoes are one of the big ones.  I actually have at least 3 sessions of Tomatoes a day and some days 4 sessions like tonight when we had tomatoes sauce.  The first session is a can tomato juice in the morning.  I cut it with some weigh protein and water as well as a little soy milk and throw in a packet of Stevia sweetener.  Stevia is a natural sweetener and actually is alkaline versus sugar being acid forming. 


The other two sessions of tomatoes are the grape tomatoes (small tomatoes, more skin, more coloring, more lycopene) in a salad for lunch and dinner.  Again tonight with whole grain Pasta, a good shot of Paul Newman’s tomato sauce.  He has the best!


Another Lycopene fruit is Watermelon for lunch they claim it is one of the best.  For me it is 365 days, unless it is a holiday dinner.  Turkey and watermelon just does not seem to go together and I want to leave room for more of Grandma’s dressing.


Raspberries another one.  When we go home to New York we pick Raspberries at a farm I sold to a cousin, just about all summer, the Heritage variety.  My wife and I pick two quarts every week and kill them.  During the other times of the year if we can’t find fresh raspberries we buy frozen and they aren’t too bad.  In some cases the frozen product is not that easy to work with.  Poor handling and transporting sometimes results in a mass of frozen product.  You might get lucky and find a suitable product.  She throws them into the milk in the cereal and they thaw out fast.  Afternoons and evenings I have plain yogurt with fruit in it and the raspberries go in that.  Raspberries have a super antioxidant called Ellagic Acid.

·         Ellagic Acid is a naturally occurring polyphenolic constituent found in 46 different fruits and nuts like pomegranates, red raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and walnuts.

·         Ellagic Acid is a nutraceutical.

·         Ellagic Acid contains a naturally occurring phenolic compound   that has very strong anti-oxidant properties.

·         Ellagic Acid is a potent anti-carcinogen.

·         Ellagic Acid has the ability to inhibit mutations within a cell's DNA.

·         Ellagic Acid is considered to be a cancer inhibitor which has the ability to cause apoptosis, or normal cell death in cancer cells.

·         Ellagic Acid, according to research, has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Full feature on Ellagic acid  Read it!


Strawberries every day of the year with cereal, and the two yogurts.  (Yogurt happens to be part of my probiotic intake for the day along with a few gherkin pickles, a blob of sauerkraut on the salad and apple cider vinegar.)  Good bacteria kill’s bad bacteria and incidentally chlorine in water kills all bacteria good and bad.  Not good.  This I why I distill my water,  but salt it with high alkaline liquids like lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to compensate for the good minerals that are removed with the chlorine in the distillation process.


Same thing for blueberries, if we can’t get them fresh we buy the blast frozen, I like them.  Another Ellagic acid powerhouse. In the case of frozen blueberries it seems that they are much easier to process than raspberries.  They have a blast frozen process in Maine that separated the berries individually quickly freezes them to avoid expansion and they are easily handles out of the package in just the amount you want a the time.  You can't go wrong eating blueberries every day of the year.  I have them in two yogurt sessions  every day.


We throw other fruits in as well, red and others.


Red Apples.  One a day  keeps the Doctor away they say and I get one 365.  They have to be hard and if they are soft the market gets them bounced back.  My wife knows her apples and if you have the Internet and you want to read a nice human interest story check out  It is a two part story that brags about the apple and also the start of our saga at Peacedale Farms.  I think it is worth the read.  I read it about once a month to remind me how blessed my wife and I are.


I could write a book on vegetables, raw ones that is.  Raw vegetables are the best scavengers of inflammation caused by acids and you can better believe that is what is ailing a Prostate.  Two big salads a day with plenty of green vegetables is my regimen.  I grow a big bed of Parsley in my back yard and everyday I get a handful and eat it.  Parsley is one of the highest alkaline foods there is let alone its mineral and anti-oxidant properties.


Sugar and meats.  Other than sugar in fruits which you need, refined sugar should be at a minimum to nothing and throw in refined grains, like bread, cookies, cakes all the good stuff.  Cut them out and you may be able to avoid the knife in time.  Meats you need, fatty meats you don’t need.  Even lean meat limit it to just about the size of the cup of your hand.  Pick up your protein and good fat needs with nuts, seed and beans like black beans.


Pumpkin seed have been a mainstay for prostate concerns for ages.  The unsaturated fat in them for one thing acts as a counter to bad fat created primarily by sugar.  Unsaturated fat cleanses the liver etc. from the toxicity of bad fat.  I use the pepita pumpkin seeds at Whole Foods.  About 15 on my breakfast cereal and 15 or so during the day.  Chew them real good to release their benefits and in fact chew all of my recommendations real good.  Chew all of your food real good.


Flax seed one of the wonder foods with their lignans etc.  if they are ground up  and immediately consumed.  We use the Proctor Silex coffee bean grinder.  Readily available on the Internet and they are reasonable.  My wife and I have 2 tablespoons each ground up and put on our cereal.  In fact our little Maltese pooch with a hyper concern we were advised to put her on flax lignans which we did and she gets a little fresh ground flax seed, not much on her breakfast plate,  mixed with the other potpourri that she gets.


Cranberry juice, the unsweetened.  Paradoxically cranberry juice being an acid is used to treat urinary problems, as urinary infections are usually accompanied with a high alkaline condition in the urine.   Urine should not be alkaline for long periods in the day, slightly acid is the ticket.    I also add lemon juice and apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s product with the Mother in it) to the mix.  Actually although these two items are acid to start off with they almost immediately turn to a beneficial alkaline state after ingestion.  Like a tablespoon of the vinegar and a few squirts of the lemon juice.  I believe the same acid to alkaline sequence occurs with cranberry juice.


The Sun


If you are fair skin blue-eyed guy like me and avoid the sun this is a big mistake.  I had 25 areas of basal cell carcinomas burned and excised from me and I got dam tired of it.  This is what prompted my blueeyedcurse website.  You need a modest amount of sun to avoid skin cancer believe it or not and the feature we have on our website will be an eye opener for you.


The best time  to get some sun is in  the early morning or late afternoon and I would strongly suggest you shedding most of the coverings  people are accustomed to wearing when they have a skin cancer concern.  I personally get a full bodied (birthday suit) exposure just about every day for about 30 minutes, usually before 9 A.M.   I can hear the shuttering from the dermatologists that read my features.  I do take an extra precaution and coat my body everyday with a special mix that includes fresh aloe vera gel from our gardens and a super off the shelf body cream, St. Ives with Collagen and Elastin.  I even add about 8 known skin enhancers to the mix one being pomegranate.  We have an e-book on our website that details the entire process.  I invite you to access it, and guess what? It is free.  This way if you are not satisfied you can ask for a refund.


A short excerpt from our sun article will finish this material.


A researcher at the University of California/San Diego stated "No other method to prevent cancer has been identified that has the powerful impact of Vitamin D3". 


Hey that is saying a lot, and there is nothing that compares to the magic of the sun to obtain Vitamin D3.  The Prostate will benefit from Vitamin D3, I have no doubt about it.


This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.




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