Spinal issues and the foundation

Quite honestly I have been writing on my website for 10 years or better and have "dropped the ball" regarding one of the most prevalent problems most all of us face as we get old and that is spinal issues.  It hasn't been until recently when our precious first born Pamela approaching the ripe old age of 60 came back from an MRI for a leg issue where spinal implications were suspected.  Her first diagnosis was the standard Degenerative Disk Disease observation that anyone would derive out of a rock if it was 50 years or older.  My spinal stenosis diagnosis was pretty well determined with a slam dunk observation derived from specific symptoms, leg issues for one in certain areas of the lower leg.  Tracing a problem like this up to the spinal canal, impingement of the nerves coming down from the spinal canal, down the side of the body, the Sciatica, the legs, the feet etc.  appears to be a piece of cake for most medical problems and their diagnosis concerning the skeletal.  I believe that these diagnosis provide the medical people with a line of least resistance challenge and gives them the ability to recommend follow up testing or minimal treatments without putting themselves exposed to a law suit.

Now my wife has had back issues that  we have been dealing with for a few years now that we have been trying our best to understand.  Back issues are complicated.  There are hundreds of variables.  The Doctors we have seen are between a rock and a hard place because they just don't know what the source of her problem is. 

The 4 segments I bring out actually benefit most all of our skeletal ills, but again I want to apply the focus on the spine as it is referred to as the foundation of the entire body and as they say in construction "the house is only as good as its foundation".

The 4 segments that I believe are the most significant issues and correction are listed below.

1.  Obtaining enough vitamin d3 to supply the blood with the magic it needs to profoundly enhance the absorbability of the precious minerals the body needs to survive and in particular to nourish the skeletal of the "foundation".  The right foods and their co-factors start the process and integrate with the magic of vitamin D3 in the blood.

2.  Not ingesting large amounts of acid forming foods such a refined sugars, refined grains, booze and too much meat at a sitting.  Acid foods deplete alkaline foods that deprive the skeletal from healthy minerals and for extreme cases force the body to cannibalize bone stores in the body to bring the blood into a safe 7.32 pH range.  Unfortunately the quality of product that it cannibalizes is an inferior product and although it serves the purpose of an emergency situation it not only depreciates the area that has been scavenged,  the product is sub par and only lends to the subsequent bone density etc. issues.

3. Increasing the amount of alkaline foods primarily fruits and vegetables and in particular all types of berries, nuts and whole seeds to be consumed almost immediately upon grinding.

4.  Spinal exercises will enhance mineral absorption simply by the actual physical activity and pumping action in bringing the vital fluids into the caverns of the skeletal network.  The four individual practices above clearly will improve any spinal condition just on a general basis without relying on a specific localized issue. 

Below is a link to what I believe is a super article on back stretching etc.


When you review the link above you will see that the author cops out to "a Therapist" to tell you what your dominating problem is whether it could be a slipped disc, perhaps a rupturing affair, the multiple amount of problems that need the direction of what is needed to correct your problem.  In addition the therapist must have in their minds to arrest a potential problem such as Degenerative Disk Disease that could be just start and needs attention.  There are so many variables to spine issues that it is mind boggling and you really can't be critical of a professional treating you on a general basis and not really knowing what the source of a localized problem is. 

Personally for my wife and I we are going to rely on our treatment for our spinal issues between a Chiropractor and our self help knowledge through almost constant research.  The Chiropractor early on in my treatment indicated the need to obtain as much space between the vertebras so that if there was any nerve impingement to address there was also the need to obtain spacing for hydration, especially hydration and cushioning  with nutrients to heal the area.

Now in order for me to impress the need for proper exercising to attack the problems I have had to reach into some of my past problems that could directly relate to the need for the exercise process and I had to find something that would adequately describe the process and benefits.  I came upon a study that I made about a year ago when I ran into a toe fungus issue.  I accessed patient experiences and what they did to correct their problem.  Many of the patient treatments were simply using a soaking process with hydrogen peroxide and it worked like a charm.  One of the recommendations I gleaned was from a couple that recommended the use of a cool whip vessel and pouring a modest amount in the vessel like an inch from the bottom.  It was possible to crush the back of the vessel down in the back and submerge most of the toes in the Peroxide.  They added the one association we used in our Spine exercise feature and this is where we took the advice of the couple and actually pressed our toes in a downward fashion and actually facilitated a pumping action (through the principles of vacuum) underneath the nail to enhance the soaking process.  Again we believe the process worked like a charm.  We believe that this same pumping action takes place with spinal exercise and massage.

Back Massage

We have a regular schedule of back massage where I personally give my wife around 4 different sessions a day.  We always do one right before bed that helps her to sleep.  We use a bar of soap with warm to hot water and apply a thin layer of soap and a mild massaging action avoiding any aggressive activity in the known herniated areas.  We then wash off the back with two rinses that removes the old materials applied in the previous session.  We dry off the area and finish with a light coat of Ben Gay, recommended from a neurologist by the way.

There are many benefits to massage.  One being increased circulation of blood and nutrients into and between the vertebras.  Spacing between the vertebras can  close considerably with the flattening and drying of the parts involved in the vertebras.  Between appropriate exercises, a professional Chiropractor or therapist working the spine and vertebras to obtain spacing we believe that the home self help sessions if done under the direction of a professional that includes massage sessions is what the Doctor ordered.  We believe that light massaging on a regular basis, enhances the movement and hydration into these vertebra caverns and the hydration with the nutrients enhance cushioning and heal and prevent herniation issues.

A word of caution regarding herniations.  This is a sensitive issue as aggressive massaging can be counter productive to healing and in fact dangerous where herniations are involved.  Light massage on the back can be very beneficial avoiding disturbing herniations.  Imaging and professional review of the imaging should be performed before massaging takes place.

Keep in mind that in 90 % of herniations in the back can self heal themselves, especially if you take measures to correct the problem and my guess is a patient following the 4 segments above could heal 100% of all herniations if there is not dislocation as in rupturing.   Spinal issues take a long time for the roof to cave in. If you wait for the roof to cave in you will have to expect an extended period of improvement as the condition is very serious and will take time to correct.