The Master Cider maker

I start this feature as I do most of my features by borrowing from the past.  At 80 years old (The year 2015) I have a great deal to borrow from.

The following feature is based on the optimum mix of foods to compliment the primary element in the food and accomplish a particular goal.  In the following paragraph I relate an experience I had some 60 years ago that was easy to correspond the experience with the health connection in the feature below.

My Dad sent me down to a cider mill with a load of cider apples just a little south of Hudson N.Y.  to Grancelli Cider mill.  In addition to the 400 boxes of cider apples the cider maker requested a small delegation of a particular variety of apples kept separate.  They were golden delicious apples and a particular strain  we had that resembled the old fashion Russet apple variety.  The cider maker knew we had this special variety and requested them.  Actually they were tree run apples and not apples that had dropped on the ground as most cider apples are derived from.

When I arrived there was a roller conveyor that the apples would run on and dumped into a large container that was a machine that pulverized the apples into like a pulp.  The pulp would be placed in racks and clothes, stacked up on top of one another.  The next operation was the pressing of the apples with a hydraulic affair and directing the juice that would surge out of the pressing operation into a large vat that would later be bottled for sale.

On top of this roller affair just before the pulverizing process stood an elderly man.  I introduced my self and he said "I am Louis Grancelli and I am the master cider maker" I suspect if I met Leonardo DeVinci for the first time he would have introduced himself as the "Master Painter"

As the apples rolled up to the pulverizer the master cider maker would toss in an apple just about every 1/2 bushel that went into the box.  The apples he used were special and the master said that the enzymes from the few apples he added to the mix would integrate with the total mix and change the chemistry of the mix for the better.  He claimed the enzyme operation had to take place just before the pulverizing operation versus just squeezing the apples into a tank and rely on a mixing of the juice that the master did not subscribe to.

Vitamin D 3

The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium. Without enough vitamin D, one can’t form enough of the hormone calcitriol (known as the “active vitamin D”). This in turn leads to insufficient calcium absorption from the diet.  In this situation, the body must take calcium from its stores in the skeleton, which weakens existing bone and prevents the formation of strong, new bone.  I suspect that the sun plays a big part in many of our other vital minerals and how they are optimized in the body function.  If you can find any reference to this on the Internet let me know because I can't.

Although we have attached this feature to calcium absorption and bone health we have posted a link to the very complicated subject of calcium assimilation that covers the many many roles that calcium plays in the health of the human body.  We suggest that this material be read and based on the support to obtain your calcium and for that matter all of your mineral and vitamin needs from natural foods.  In the case of calcium  again the bones of animals and fish seem to be the superstars.  My understanding of this phenomena is simply based on the complimentary role natural foods have on board with the key mineral such as Calcium.  There is a reason why medical science recommends that calcium consumed via the line of least resistance method (pill form) is taken with food so that hopefully the food taken has some of the elements necessary to compliment the calcium in nutrient uptake  via absorption.  As the old saying goes, it is better than nothing.  It certainly is not better than natural foods with natural compliments.   Excellent feature on calcium  Calcium feature  check it  out.

The sun is in our opinion the best source in making the Vitamin D 3 that you need to optimize the process and the sun feature below will support our position.  Food sources with Vitamin D are rare.  Animal sources and especially from fish are a close second to the sun and for us we engage in both sources.  In fact we believe that the combination of the sun and foods such as sardines with its own source of Vitamin D are an awesome pair and should be joined on a regular basis.  Our favorite animal source again are sardines and it is because they have the complimentary elements on board that we feel defeats the nullifying affect that takes place when foods are mixed as well as supplements that do not have the complimentary elements on board. 

We  strongly believe in the case of sardines and other great foods that especially turn soluble are optimized and do their thing when they traverse through the digestion process.  As in vitamin D becoming integrated with Calcium regarding  absorption we believe that the synergy of natural foods with complimentary minerals in their atomic order is the way things work at its best.

There is a special feature we have on the material above.  Please access this feature for more detailed information.